Flume Mining at
Lucky Lake Gem
& Mineral Mine is Fun

The excitement begins at our flume line. You'll be able to sit at our flume and sift through your dirt. Your treasures will
unfold before your eyes as the water washes them clean.

You will find how much fun it is to share your experiences with everyone around you.

  • 100 Ft. Flume Line
  • Handicapped Accessible
  • Partially Covered Flume
  • Weather Permitting
  • Sit and Sift Through Your Bucket of Dirt
  • Discover the True Colors and Shapes of Your Rocks and Minerals
  • Local Material and Material From Around the World
  • No Digging; the Buckets Are Pre-made for You
  • Knowledgeable People to Help

After you have finished at the flume, bring your gems to our professionals to get advice on the best way to utilize your treasures.