Check Out our Rates for Fun by the Bucketful!

Wondering about the Lucky Lake VA rates? Check here!

  • STARTER BUCKET-$20.00 1 1/2 gallon bucket filled with dirt and 8-10 different types of stones
  • PROSPECTOR BUCKET-$30.00 2 gallon bucket filled with dirt and 15-20 different types of stones
  • EMERALD BUCKET-$40.00 1 1/2 gallon bucket filled with only dirt and emeralds
  • SURPRISE BUCKET-$45.00 2 gallon bucket filled with 15-20 different stones and one already cut gemstone
  • STRIKE IT RICH BUCKET-$70.00 3 1/2 gallon bucket with 18-25 different variety of stone with lots of choices for your cut. You will pick one to cut for FREE
  • BIG BOSS BUCKET-$130.00 5 gallon bucket with dirt and 20-30 different types of gems. You will be able to choose 1 FREE faceted stone cut and 1 FREE cabochon stone
  • ADDITIONAL STONES MAY BE CUT $50.00 for cabochon stones, $60.00 for faceted stones, and $70.00 for emeralds
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